I posted this on Invisible Broadcast System, but this is too important, so I will repeat it here.

Public Service Announcement

I'm really tired of panaceas, and now I find I have good reason to be skeptical. USA Today reports that St. John's Wort, the trendy herb touted as an over-the-counter seratonin re-uptake inhibitor (it makes you happy), has been shown to interact with a number of medications, including oral contraceptives, possibly reducing their effectiveness by 50%. Yikes! The FDA has published an advisory about it.

And, while I've got your attention, may I add that self-medicating mental illness is unwise? Psychoactive drugs may well be a needed cure for depression, but they only have a place as part of a supervised therapy. Quit squawking: If St. John's Wort makes you feel better, then it is either a placebo or a psychoactive drug, so shush. And go get real help if you need it.

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