Now, some of the promised reviews. Office Space was better than I'd expected, and Pushing Tin was not as good.

Office Space: I keep expecting to dislike Mike Judge's work (Beavis and Butthead, which I could do without, and King of the Hill, which surprises me with its cleverness and sincerity), but Office Space does not resort to farsical slapstick—it develops its characters and tells a complete story. And Judge totally pegged working for an IT firm in Austin; he has clearly sat in the same traffic jams I have, and I've had a ghetto kid try to sell me magazines at least *three times*. It was cute; it was funny for a fellow Austinite; I think the humor will play well for anyone stuck in a cubicle farm. And it has a happy ending: What more could you want?

Pushing Tin: I was expecting a comedy, and it wasn't. It especially suffered for following Office Space. But it's still worth seeing. John Cusack again. I don't think I'll ever get bored with him. But he's playing a jerk again (after High Fidelity). Maybe he's being an anti-hero; it's easier to like the antagonist. The main thought I came away with, though, is: "My goodness, I hope air traffic controlling isn't actually done that way." But I have a nagging fear it is.

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