Must...resist move the whole...trackball.

I served as toastmaster for the first time today. The role of the toastmaster, in any meeting, is to guide the meeting through its agenda. It's pretty firm and laid out in a Toastmasters meeting. That means you know what all the rules are, but there's also some pressure to dance through all those rules correctly. I think I did alright, but boy, was I nervous.

Dude! You are never going to believe this. I went to Petticoat Fair in Austin and bought a bra that fits. No, I mean really fits. My breasts are up where they're supposed to be, and they're being held up by the bra rather than my shoulders. Now, because it's an underwire, it is bruising me right now, but I think I'll get used to that. I can't believe how much better I look. I knew the answer was to alter the underwear, not the girl. Come to Austin, ladies!

You wouldn't think so, but it is easy to forget that people actually read one's blog. Jeremy called us last night and said, among other things, "Congratulations on your new gynecologist." Er... right.

Blogvoices, the service that powers these discussion threads (under the spiders), is off-line, indefinitely. chrish's webhost told him Blogvoices violates their Terms Of Service. Sigh...

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