I have to post something to this blog--my readership demands it! Or, well, they would... But I'm feeling too harried to sit and organize my thoughts. In brief: Parents were here; we had lots of Texan fun, and I miss them. | Work is making me do lots of things that aren't programming, and that makes me sad. More programming will start soon, though, as my app has passed through its final review unscathed. | I'm trying a new webhost for cichelli.net, one that allows me php (server-side scripting) and MySQL (a free database), but they're making me unhappy. I asked about the MySQL part, and they said, "Right away, ma'am. Email me your password." Um... what? I'm having a geek standoff with tech support. Hmph. Escalation shall ensue. | New apartment does not leak, but apartment kitchen sink does. Still. For a month. And the Assistant Manager gave me a hard time about checking "No" on the little satisfaction survey. C'mere, missy, and I'll show you why.

See? This is why I'm not posting. Hormones. Grr.

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