I'm back from Vegas. There is, of course, much to report, but you'll just have to wait. No, we didn't get married. Oh, but that's an important point: The Pennsylvania wedding will be August 18, not 25.

Fred, it occurs to me that I probably haven't informally invited you yet. That's not deliberate; I'm just flakey. No official invites have been sent yet (which is good, since we just changed the date yesterday). So, August 18, 2pm, in Nazareth, PA, which is near Allentown. Anyone who's flying should attempt to arrive at ABE (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton), which changed its name to LVI (Lehigh Valley International) but can't get the travel agents and the airlines to acknowledge the change. Is there anyone else I haven't mentioned this to? Let me know, so I can get an accurate head-count. (This list has the potential to expand exponentially. Gad, weddings are tough. I'm only doing this once. ...er, well, okay, twice: once in PA and once in TX. But then, that's it.)

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