I'm still waiting for the fall-out, y'know? But, darnit, it's my blog (just like it's my body). So, basically, if you disagree with me on issues of reproductive freedom, I don't particularly want to hear about it, to be perfectly honest. In general, I enjoy debate, and I appreciate your feedback and your arguments. It's good for me to have my ideas called on the carpet now and again. But when it comes to this particular aspect of personal freedom, no one seems capable of actually debating it. It is an argument of religion and morality, and those issues do not function in the realm of debate. They are personal convictions, and no amount of posturing will convince either side to take the views of the other.

So really. Save it. My eternal soul is just fine.

Now, if you can give me an argument for why abortion should be illegal that never uses the words "murder" or "wrong" (and sure as heck not "morally"), then I'm curious.

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