I haven't forgotten about you, gentle readers.

Last week (not the one just past, but the one before it. Yeesh.), I had a week off. I worked on Cichelli.Net and made some progress on my wedding registry application. I need to do some more data entry and program the piece that actually lets you cross an item off the list. I also got stationery and address labels for wedding invitations. ...I ordered labels that said "Sharon and Jonathan Leistiko." *gulp*

I also went to see the Vagina Monologues, which was an adventure just for going to the theatre by myself. There were men there, but not many. Funky, femme vibe. I liked it. And the show was funny and racy and empowering.

This week has been consumed by getting some planning and design documents done for a new project at work. However, this evening, I'm attending a Toastmasters picnic and delivering my tenth speech from the Competent Toastmaster (CTM) manual, which means I'll be completing my CTM certification! I'm so jazzed. (And that's what my speech is on: being jazzed about Toastmasters. It's supposed to be inspirational. I'm bringing a toaster as a prop. *smirk*)

Oh, And! Tuesday, June 12, marked my one-year anniversary at Dell. I reel when I think of how much I've learned in that year. I hear myself at these project planning meetings with my business partner (the customer, the user representative) and the program manager (the interface between the business and the I/T departments), and I think, holy cow, I sound like I know what I'm doing! And I sound smart. How sexy. (My vagina is a programmer.)

And finally, I got a cute card from my friend Fred. It folds out and has a spider with wiggly bits. The ceiling fan in the den makes it dance. What a happy thing.

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