GirlWritesCode is moving to new digs; please join us.

I use Blogger's FTP model, where my posts are published out to my webhost on Invisible City. Blogger is discontinuing that service, due to lack of use and to enable bigger and better things in their architecture. So I need to shuffle things around, and I hope that you will follow this blog to its new home.

I'll update to redirect to the new location, so if that's the url you've bookmarked, you're good to go.

I'll continue to cross-post at Los Techies. If that's your main means of keeping up with me, then... how are you reading this? ;-)

I'll have an RSS feed from the new location, but the url is going to change. It will be, I'm pretty sure. [Correction:] I'll post a "we've landed" post from the new location, so you'll know when I've got it sorted.

I appreciate your readership. Everything I write, I write with you in mind. I hope you will follow this blog to its new location.